Vidyalaya Management Committee

Sh. Rajnarayan Kaushik I.A.S.

Narnaual ,
Distt. Mahendergarh
                    a)          Date of constitution of VMC                                 01-09-2017 
                b)          No. of meeting held during 2016-17                    NIL          
                                                     c)          No. of meeting held during 2017-18                     01                                                
(Display list of VAC Members)
  1. District Magistrate/Collector/Deputy Commissioner                  -                    Chairman
  2. District Education Officer                                                           -                    Member
  3. Executive Engineer of State P.W.D. (Building)                          -                    Member
  4. Principal of some local college or a Senior Secondary
  5. School preferably a residential school.                                   -                       Member
  6. Senior most teacher of the Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya         -                   Member
  7. Member of Public (whose nomination is to be approved by
  8. The chairman, NVS who is the comepetent authority)              -                    Member
  9. Chief Medical officer of the District                                        -                        Member
  10. Two representative from parents (one male and one female
  11. To be nominated by  Chairman, VMC)                                   -                       Member
  12. Principal, Jawahar  Navodaya Vidyalaya                               -                        Member Secretary